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The Uniform Solution WebStore

Easy to Start and Customize

Creating your WebStore in The Uniform Solution takes just a few minutes with a Wizard that guides you through the set up process. Using the pre-defined pages and menus will get you started quickly, but you also have the option to customize the pages, menus, graphics and emails used by your WebStore. Product images are provided by many of the partners that participate in The Uniform Solution's Connected Partner Program*.

If you are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) you will be pleased to know that meta data for the items you sell is automatically created for you, and you can add your own meta data and Google Analytics to your site.

Concepts and Framework

The WebStore Configuration Form in The Uniform Solution contains all the settings, preferences, and selections to define the operation and the look and feel of a fully functional WebStore. The WebStore utilizes a pre-designed "framework" that incorporates user definable graphics, pages, and menus to make each WebStore as unique as possible. The framework has been modeled after several of the largest eCommerce sites in the country to ensure the WebStore will look professional, tasteful, and handle the data-driven demands of a large eCommerce site.

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Sample WebStore Pages

Please click the Show Sample Pages button to see a variety of sample WebStore Pages.

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WebStore Feature Listing

The integrated WebStore provides a wealth of features, simplicity, and true seamless integration with The Uniform Solution.

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WebStore Example

To see a fully functional example WebStore, just click on the button below.

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The Uniform Solution WebStore vs. Traditional eCommerce Sites

The Uniform Solution WebStore is a robust data driven eCommerce site that provides tremendous value by leveraging the information maintained in The Uniform Solution. The Uniform Solution WebStore has a predefined framework that can be customized by the user in selected areas such as page content, menus, graphics and items to include. Traditional eCommerce sites have been custom development projects where each individual site owner can add any feature or option they want provided they can pay hourly rates for a web developer to implement them. The Uniform Solution's WebStore is a powerful application with full integration with The Uniform Solution, but it is not possible to change the basic framework of the design on a site by site basis.

WebStore Limitations

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From Our Clients

Barry Schklar

"The Uniform Solution is an extremely well thought out program - tailor made for uniform retailers. It allows us to quickly access and evaluate inventory information and service our customers with special orders and group sales. We strongly recommend this system to any retailer wishing to work smarter - not harder!"

Lynn Meske

"I can't imagine my life without this software package.  I have been using The Uniform Solution for three years and it just keeps getting better and better.  Their technical support people really do support you and your business in making their program the best it can be.  I am proud to call these guys my friends!"

Mike Sciangula

"I love this WebStore! I get Sales while I'm sleeping."

Mike Weisner

"After checking out numerous packages, I made one of my best business decisions...The Uniform Solution. It not only runs my retail store but my wholesale and distribution operation as well. This package really is a bargain."

Steve Land

"The Uniform Solution has far exceeded my expectations. It is easy to use, and it saves me more than a hundred hours each month ordering inventory and printing tags."

Thomas Iupe

"You guys did an excellent job with the WebStore. If anybody wants to know if they should use this just tell them to call me. I love how the program "dings" whenever a new web order comes in."

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