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Our Mobile App extends The Uniform Solution's reach beyond the sales floor. Download Now


The mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows phone extends the reach of the program onto the sales floor and outside of your store. Employees are able to take a picture of an item barcode to view pricing along with both store and vendor stock levels. Owners and managers will be able to see a “Dashboard” that provides a snapshot of critical sales data. .

  • Remote Access to Sales Data
  • Scan barcode to lookup
  • Stock Status in Real-time
  • Convenient Dashboard
  • View Open Purchase Order’s Total
  • View accounts receivalbe on the go
  • easy install and set up
  • integrated with existing users
  • dynamic item search
  • SEe connected vendor's stock levels

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Quickly access vendor stock levels, item look up and important metrics

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The Mobile App is already a part of your existing subscription. It is included along with eCommerce, Vendor Catalog Updates, Connected Features and 2 Hours of Technical Support each month. What are you waiting for?

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