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Release Notes

2017 6.10

Sean Landry - Friday, March 24, 2017

6.10 Revisions

  1. WebStore Modernization. The WebStore has been completely redesigned to provide your shoppers with a modern look and feel that also scales to work on any size device like mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.
    This newly designed "responsive" WebStore uses modern fonts, and a beautiful, simple design modeled after strong eCommerce retailers like Land's End, Walmart, and Target. Google loves "responsive" sites that work on mobile phones so now your eCommerce site will now receive a higher priority than sites that are not responsive.
    Your existing Webstore will automatically update to this new format and will enable your products to be viewed in the traditional "list" format or the new "grid" view. All other functionality remains about the same, but like always we will be adding more functionality in the coming weeks and months.
    Keep you stock levels accurate, show them in the WebStore, and you will drive local business to your Retail store. Remember, younger shoppers won't call - they look on-line for everything then come in to buy. Your WebStore is now a Yellow Page ad on steroids
    WebStore Header Graphic. The WebStore no longer uses any of the "pre-defined" graphics from the droplist from the WebStore Configuration. If you have one of these selected, it will not be displayed so make sure your store name is in the "Heading Title". Ideally you should create a logo to be displayed in the top left corner of the WebStore, but it is perfectly acceptable to just show your name in "plain text" like Land End (see
  2. WebStore Image Library. The new Image Library is composed of Vendor provided graphics you can include in your WebStore content pages. Just select the option "Graphic from Image Library (URL)" when adding graphic objects to your pages. They are formatted to fit perfectly with 1, 2, 3, or 4 graphics in a row.
  3. WebStore Grid View. We have added an INI setting to show the detailed description in "Grid View" in the WebStore. Add the following INI entry to the [startup] section of the WebStoreWS.INI file ProductPage-UseLongDesc=1
  4. Product Images. Revisions have been made for the following vendors logo images: Winks, Zoe+Chloe, RedKap, Horace Small, Wrangler Workwear, Maevn.
  5. SQL Server Index Defrag. A SQL Query has been added to the System Queries in SQL Utilities to defrag the indexes used by SQL Server. Please have a current backup before starting this Query.
  6. WebStore Javascript. Implemented a versioning system to force a browser to get the latest javascript required by the WebStore. This ensures that a user's browser has the latest javascript code to properly support logging in, checkouts, etc..
  7. POS Data Share. Improved the sending mechanism for Vendor Data Sharing.

6.10 Fixes

  1. WebStore Checkout. Fixed an issue that prevented a new customer from completing the checkout process when their billing address was the same as the shipping address.
  2. Strategic Partners. A new location on the SP server now contains all images. There are currently some missing images that should be resolved shortly.
  3. Barco Images. Revised how Barco images are saved to keep new images properly centered. Older images required a different method of saving.
  4. WebStore Sub-Accounts Page. Fixed an issue with editing a sub-accounts information on Page 2 and beyond.
  5. WebStore Credit Cards. Fixed an issue to always void transactions that fail due to Address verification or CVV2 not matching. Also fixed an issue when checking out and adding a new customer account in the process. Both issues are fixed now.
  6. WebStore Contracts. Contract items did not always show the customize option for items in the cart. Fixed now.
  7. Memorized Reports.The Department and Product Comparison reports did not run properly when memorized. Fixed now.
  8. WebStore Paypal. Creating a new account during checkout could cause Paypal to fail in the checkout process. Fixed now.

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