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The Uniform Solution won't open, unable to connect to SQL.

The Uniform Solution is powered by a Microsoft SQL database application that runs separately in the background of your computer.  SQL is configured during the install process to start automatically during computer startup.  On occasion there may be an instance where SQL does not start.  This is most often caused by an anti-virus, security permissions or condition of the operating system.  When The Uniform Solution is unable to connect to SQL you will receive an error message and then directed to the SQL Login form.  Before you can login into the SQL instance and use the program you must start the SQL instance in the Service Manager.  Follow the steps below to navigate to the Service Manager and turn on the SQL Server Instance.  

1. Click on your Windows Start button

2. Type the word Services to pull up the Windows Service Manager. You can also navigate to the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.

3. In the Service Manager search for SQL Server (USWSQLEXPRESS) and single click to highlight.

4. If the Start button is displayed the service is not running.  Click on the Start button.

5. If the Stop, Pause, Restart buttons are displayed then SQL is running and will want to try opening The Uniform Solution again.  If the program still does not connect contact  Technical Support at 1-800-286-8929.



Can I merge my duplicate customer entries?

The Uniform Solution+ SQL Server does allow the customers sales history to be merged. To do this you can right click on the customer record that you would like to merge. You will then be prompted to select the customer record you would like to merge with. After merging the records you will have the option of deleting or keeping the original customer record.


How can I export my customer information?

Exporting customer information can be used for third party email software, birthday lists and other promotional purposes. To export customer information simply follow the steps below.

1. Select the Customer Icon to open the customer list.

2. Select Filter Settings

3. Select Has Email

4. Select Ok

5. Select Filter Activated

6. Select “Tag Options”

7. Select “Tag List”

8. Your list of customers with emails will be displayed with a checkmark in the left column.

9. Select “Tag Options”

10. Select “Export Customers to file”

11. Set your Report Criteria

12. Include customers with incomplete addresses. This is on Tab#2 Options Tab.

13. When this is complete a file will be created in a .CSV file and can be opened with Excel or a free CSV viewer such as CSV’ed.

The Vendor Catalog


How do I add the product line for a vendor that is not in my list?

Adding the products can be done quickly and easily through the Catalog List.  

  1. Go to Lists > Catalog to launch the Catalog List.
  2. Select F10-Updates.  The program will use your internet connection to retrieve new product listings from the developers website.
  3. If the existing vendors in your Catalog List are up to date a box will appear that says,"Your Vendor Catalog is Up-To-Date!". However, there may be new postings on the developers website that are not found in your Catalog List.  If you would like to view the current listings from all vendors on the developers website, select the "View" button.  
  4. The "Select Vendors to Update in the Vendor Catalog" box will appear.  Highlight the vendors you want to use and select the "Download" Button.  The "Select None" button can be used to quickly remove any highlighted vendors that you may not want to download.  
  5. After hitting "Download", the program will download the products for the requested vendors.  You will then be prompted to use the Catalog Utility to add the new products to your Inventory List.  In most cases the default options will be sufficient.
  6. Follow the prompts as the Wizard for the Catalog Utility walks you through the process.
  7. After the Catalog Utility has added the new items, you can view them by selecting Lists > Inventory.
  8. The new Vendor will also be found by selecting Lists > Vendors.

Point of Sale


How do I do a return/exchange?

  1. Open a New Sale.
  2. Enter customer information.
  3. Scan product(s) the customer is returning.
  4. Type the letter R into the Scan/Qty field for each item returned. This will place an R in the far left column and also display a negative Total in the bottom right portion of the screen. 
  5. If the customer is making a purchase scan the desired product.  
  6. Press F-5 to tender payment.  

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