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For 130 years, Caplan's® has been serving Central Louisiana consumers by building our business on timeless values. They needed a solution to help manage inventory, order management, and Improve process efficiencies to fuel scale and growth for their business.


Caplan’s needed a solution to help manage inventory, order management, and improve process efficiencies to fuel scale and growth for their business.

The Caplan's Story:

Caplan’s opened their first store in 1891, with the goal “to serve the public, as nearly as we can, to its complete satisfaction. By valuing our customers, associates, community, products, and services for over a century, Caplan’s has built a strong foundation for our future”. Before switching to The Uniform Solution, Caplan’s was using an alternative solution that didn’t meet complex needs in inventory, invoicing, tracking/reporting, order management, and group orders. Their daily process of tracking orders with filing folders and manually creating purchase orders was time-consuming and came with a 20% error rate.

The Biggest Impact:

The adoption of The Uniform Solution has made a profound impact on Caplan’s. Notably, it has improved overall operational efficiency, allowing employees like Miranda, Director of Sales and Marketing, to better engage with the business and focus on parts of the business that previously weren’t getting enough attention. Additionally, other employees found the software to be intuitively designed, allowing a quick learning curve for first-time users.

Operational Improvements:

The Uniform Solution revolutionized the way Caplan managed its operations. Manual data entry has been replaced with automated processes, saving valuable time and reducing errors. Time spent creating Purchase Orders significantly decreased each week by 8 hours. The time spent on manually entering PO’s decreased by 84% after switching to The Uniform Solution. For any business creating multiple purchase orders each week, this is a significant time saving feature.

Support and Training:

Caplan’s employees have found the structured training resources and on-demand support very helpful when having to address any questions that come up. Furthermore, Miranda said, “the TUS support staff consistently demonstrated kindness and effectiveness in addressing all questions and issues.”

Scaling/Future Plans:

Looking ahead, Caplan’s aims to scale operations with The Uniform Solution. The company plans to implement additional e-commerce functionalities, leveraging The Uniform Solution for seamless integration and scalability.


Partnership between Caplan’s and The Uniform Solution continues to deliver transformative effects for Caplan’s operations. From simplifying order processing to managing group contracts, and more, the stage is set for Caplan’s to continue to grow and serve their customers and their market well. Through strategic adoption of The Uniform Solution, Caplan’s has embraced efficiency and innovation in an ever-evolving industry.

"The Uniform Solution has helped save us time and effort. When we got it we were like wow, we have been missing out!"

Miranda Baka
Operations Manager, Caplan's Uniforms

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"With our prior software, it took us 30 minutes minimum to create one purchase order, and now with The Uniform Solution’s auto-create function it takes less than 5 minutes"

Miranda Baka
Operations Manager, Caplan's Uniforms