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The Uniform Solution can accommodate your inventory control needs with simplicity and efficiency.

Multiple stores

How We Do It

Real-Time Access with The Cloud

Cloud technology can bring data from all your stores to you, wherever you are, via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. This is an essential tool for any business owner.

Harness the ability to access your sales, inventory and customer information in real-time through The Uniform Solution Cloud.

Mobile apps compatible on Android & iOS devices
Automatic Program Updates
Automatic Program Backups
No data size limit
Access from any tablet or computer
Cloud for Multiple locations
Traditional Polling

Traditional Polling

If the Cloud solution is not suitable for you, we also offer traditional polling. The Uniform Solution consolidates and distributes data between locations daily in a nightly polling operation using an inexpensive FTP site. The polling operation runs each evening and only sends data that is new or has been changed by a location. This updated information is available each morning.

Batch processing

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