Get Started

At The Uniform Solution, our goal is to make sure
that you are getting the most out of your license.

Self Directed

Quick Start Course

  • Immediate Online Access
  • Self-directed Onboarding
  • 8 Training Topics

This course is a great overview of how to get started.

It guides you through Setup, using the Vendor Catalog, scanning your inventory to set inventory quantities, and the basics of creating a Sale, a Purchase Order, and Receiving Merchandise.

Train & Save 50%*

New Customer Training Incentive Program

  • License Discount of 50% for up to 3 months

* Maximum three months. Discount limited to the first store for multi-store operations. Choose any three of the training categories to complete.

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 Training Library

Below you will find videos for getting The Uniform Solution started. The videos cover topics such as installing, scanning inventory, using the Vendor Catalog and much more.

Program Standards

This course provides a review of the program standards and controls and how the keyboard and mouse are used to be fast and efficient. Understanding how the program is designed will help you use the program more effectively.


This course provides information regarding the vendor catalog, the vendor list, inventory list and adding styles/products.

Daily Operations

This course provides a detailed walk-through of all operations that are used daily. Individual sections provide a detailed review of sales, special orders, layaways, quotes, delivering special orders, purchase orders, receiving, and taking customer payments on account.


This course provides information regarding setting up customers, their sales tax options and exporting information to be used for email, mailing lists, etc.


This course demonstrates how to create contracts used to track group pricing and more.


This course provides information on using QuickLoad to scan your store during initial setup, taking physical inventory and backing up your data.


This course will provide you with an overview of the many different types of reports available in The Uniform Solution Software.


This course will provide you with instruction in setting up a WebStore.