Below you will find PDFs of the presentations we have used for workshops and seminars. They can be useful if you are unable to attend and would like to review the material.

2022 Uniform Retailers Association Trade Show — Nashville, TN

The Uniform Solution eCommerce

The Uniform Solution eCommerce provides a true custom look and feel, handles high-volume selling, private stores for groups, great graphical design tools, and much more. Integration with The Uniform Solution can display current stock levels and automatically receives customer orders.

New and Coming Features

New and coming features in The Uniform Solution like the all-new mobile app with the ability to take credit card payments, coupons for the WebStore, new credit and gift card features, the Admin Portal for your customers, and much more.

2018 Uniform Retailers Association Trade Show — Las Vegas, NV

Competing Against Amazon

Uniform Stores can compete against Amazon when they bring their strengths to the table. Jasmine will explain different strategies to do just that.

Key Strategies to Make Your WebStore a Success

A successful eCommerce site brings foot traffic into your store and can deliver fantastic results when pursuing Group Buying strategies. Jon Lemons has been a website specialist for over eight years and now uses his expertise to help The Uniform Solution customers with their WebStore.

The Uniform Solution Cloud & What’s New

See how “safe and secure” access from anywhere is achieved with The Uniform Solution Cloud. David Johnson, President and the key architect of The Uniform Solution, will explain the extraordinary benefits of the Cloud-based version of The Uniform Solution.